Saturday, July 19, 2014

“Farm Fresh Eggs” Vinyl Window Decor

First, I will apologize for the low quality photos. I used my cell phone (at night) to take the photos.
After a year of owning a Silhouette Cameo, I am finally venturing beyond cards and scrapbooking.

My current addiction is vinyl. I had learned about Expressions Vinyl from a friend and have been stocking up on colors for a couple of months now! My home will be vinyled out in the next couple of months. ;)

 I am blown away at how versatile vinyl is for projects. One of my favorite projects so far is this one.

I had purchased an old wooden window from my favorite local shop, Patina Home and Garden, a few months ago. I had purchased it with the intent to use it as a photo frame over our couch. Instead, I decided to create something for my dining area.

I started by cutting the vinyl pieces out with my Silhouette (the chicken file is available for purchase through my Etsy shop, Digital Designs by MRS.
The hardest part for me with any project is alignment. It took a few rulers and a measuring tape to get this project close to being aligned. :)
I love the way the final project turned out!
It is nicely displayed just above our dining table.
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