Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift–Tuesday–Sticky Note Pads with Pen Set

Another cute project I have been wanting to try is a sticky note pad holder thing - at least that’s what I call it :).

Here are the goods for creating this project.

3x3 Sticky Note Pads

StickyNotePadWithPen (6 of 12)

Decorative 12x12 cardstock paper - I suggest using cardstock so it is not so flimsy.

StickyNotePadWithPen (1 of 12)

Colorful Buttons…

StickyNotePadWithPen (5 of 12)


StickyNotePadWithPen (7 of 12)

After you have cut the decorative cardstock into 3 1/4” x 7 3/4” strips (you can get 4 from a 12x12 cardstock), turn the paper around and score it at the following measurements:

3 1/8”
3 1/2”
6 5/8”

StickyNotePadWithPen (2 of 12)

Fold the paper on the score lines then attach the sticky pad to the center square on the paper. I used snot dots (aka Glue Dots for those that want the official name).

StickyNotePadWithPen (3 of 12)

Though you can choose from a variety of tools (fasteners, eyelets, brads, etc) to fasten the covers together, but I opted for buttons because I have an over-abundance of buttons in my craft room from a Christmas ornament project that never came to be.

Attach one button to the the smaller flap. Then attach another button to the larger flap.

StickyNotePadWithPen (4 of 12)

I glue dotted the ribbon to the button then wrapped it in a figure 8 between the two buttons.

StickyNotePadWithPen (8 of 12)

Voila…you now have sticky pad holder things. Smile

StickyNotePadWithPen (9 of 12)

Presentation is everything so these little guys were paired up with a colorful pen and packaged in a spring cello bag and sealed with curling ribbon. You can never go wrong with curling ribbon! 

StickyNotePadWithPen (10 of 12)

StickyNotePadWithPen (12 of 12)

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  1. OH man, you're toooooo cute! If I had a week I might be able to do that! :-) We'll see.... I love it!!!

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