Friday, March 23, 2012

Keeping Sane–Weekly Planner

One of my least favorite things to do has always been cleaning the house. Over the last how many years, I have usually had someone else clean my house for me. When we moved, I looked forward to once again hiring our former house cleaners (who have also become dear friends to us).

Once we moved in, the first thing I did was go on a deep cleaning rampage because the house looked like it had not had one…ever and I am for the most part a neat freak.

Oddly, I ended up enjoying cleaning the house. Shock, I KNOW! :) It is a nice workout, too.

Cleaning the house sometimes feels overwhelming for me (especially now since there are THREE full size bathrooms in this house) so I created a cleaning schedule so that I did not feel like I had to do the entire house in one day, but instead took sections and worked on the house throughout the week. It made cleaning more manageable and less stressful. I also included daily tasks like taking my allergy medications (because I am HORRIBLE at remembering) and feeding pets (because I keep forgetting to feed the fish).

Here is what my schedule looks like. If you want a copy, leave a comment and let me know. Smile I will happily send you the Word document so you can modify it to fit your schedule.


Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. This is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for! That'd be amazing if you could email me the word doc! Thank you so much!