Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Heavy Heart for a Child Gone Too Soon

I pulled up to my boys’ school this morning to see the flag flying at half mast.

The campus was busier than usual with parents walking their children onto campus instead of dropping them off at the drop-off zone.

I am sure their hearts and minds were at the same place that mine were…are.

Yesterday, the boys were sent home with a note stating that a schoolmate, a 1st grader, had passed away in a car accident when the car her mother was driving went into a nearby reservoir.

This event has been plastered all over the news…a mother under the influence driving her daughter, a man and another 5 year old child.

Her and the man escaped the submerged car.

The 2 girls had to be rescued by Border Patrol.

Neither girl survived.

It is heartbreaking to think of the short-lived life of those girls. One of whom both my boys know.

Parents held their children’s hands this morning as they walked them to their classes. Big hugs were shared as goodbyes were exchanged.

I am sure each of us parents had the same thought of holding their child in their protective arms and never letting go….protecting them from all that is bad in the world…protecting them from what we cannot control.

I hugged my kids tighter last night and kissed them a lot more than I already do.

My heart and prayers go out to these girls’ families.


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