Monday, August 6, 2012

Knee Injury Update

This is how the conversation will go down....

"What brings you to Sports Medicine today?" the doctor will ask.

"Oh, you know, my extreme sports caused a sports injury," I will say while blushing a bright shade of red.

"What type of extreme sports have you been doing?"

"Bouncy house jumping."

I am slightly embarrassed that my injury was not the run of the mill "I sprained my knee in a bouncy house" sprain. Oh no! When I go all out, I go ALL out. Like when I fell ice skating a couple of years ago. It wasn't just a fall. It was a concussion.

That's just how I, fall.

This injury is according to my doctor, I "highly likely" have a torn ACL. That's why it keeps getting "oh my gosh I want to cry for my mom" injured every time I mis-step or turn too quickly.

It has definitely been painful.

My next steps are physical therapy and a visit with Sports Medicine. Physical Therapy I don't so much mind. It's the whole title of Sports Medicine. I know they don't just deal with sports injuries, BUT it would be slightly less embarrassing to actually have an injury caused by sports. Ya know what I mean??? :)

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