Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can I Get a “Woot Woot” Wednesday–MoroccanOil

Note: This is an unsponsored review. All thoughts and reviews are mine.

Although the 80’s perms and 90’s oh-so-big hair phases are behind me, I have entered a new phase in life – the bi-monthly color treatment to cover up my grays.

Decades of perms, teasing and color-treating had left my hair dry, split ended and overall blah!

Last year, my hair stylist Britany (who is amazingly wonderfully and I have nicknamed the “hair whisperer”) introduced me to MoroccanOil.

My favorite three products are the Intense Curl Cream, Oil Treatment and Hydrating Styling Cream.

The first night I used the Oil Treatment, Britany had suggested I oil up my hair and leave it in overnight.

When I woke up I was WOW’ed! I couldn’t remember the last time my hair was soooooo soft!

I was immediately hooked and expanded my collection to the styling cream and curl cream. I like to use the styling crème with a pump of the oil when straightening my hair while I use the curl cream for those “I don’t feel like fixing my hair” naturally curly days (which my older son refers to as the “didn’t you feel like combing your hair” days).

After 6 months of using these products, my hair remains soft even on the days I don’t use the products! Even with color-treatments and almost daily heated tools (flat iron and/or blow dryer), my hair manages to stay soft.

The products may be pricey, but if you suffer from dry hair like I did, I say they are definitely worth their money.

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