Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. At my boys’ school they provided the children with a list of items to bring to school each day. The list includes thoughtful items like a flower and a card.

One of my favorite websites for finding hand crafted ideas is Tip Junkie.

This link has some great ideas for Teacher Appreciation thank you cards. I am printing the apple thank you cards out right now. ;)

Last year, I created these treats for the teachers (click on the titles to view the tutorials) -

1. Teacher Survival Kits

Teacher Appreciation Week - SurvivalKits (6 of 6)

2. Cake Pops

[Teacher Appreciation Week - Cake Pops  (8 of 14)[3].jpg]

[Teacher Appreciation Week - Cake Pops  (14 of 14)[3].jpg]

3. Sticky Notepad and Pen Set

[StickyNotePadWithPen (8 of 12)[3].jpg]

[StickyNotePadWithPen (9 of 12)[3].jpg]

[StickyNotePadWithPen (10 of 12)[3].jpg]

4. Popcorn Treat

Mini Popcorn Handmade Wrapper (1 of 2)

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