Monday, May 14, 2012

Do You Birchbox? April Goodies

A couple of weeks ago, this pretty box came in the mail-


I like trying new products until I find one that I LOVE so when I heard about Birchbox’s monthly product boxes, I was excited to try it out.

For $10/month (or slightly cheaper with longer subscriptions), each month you will receive anywhere from 5-7 products. It is a great way to learn about and try new products.

Think of it like Christmas every month…who doesn’t like receiving packages???

There is often a waiting list to sign up so I signed up to be on the waiting list and impatiently waited for the invitation to join. About 3 weeks after signing up for the waiting list, my invitation came! I felt like Violet Beauregard getting invited to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. If the box was a blueberry, I mighta ate it. :)

When I opened the pretty pink box, I heard Ariel’s voice somewhere in the background (or was it just in my head…same difference, right?) singing “ah ah aaaaah”.


The theme for April was Natural Wonders.


These are the surprises that awaited me. Pretty, eh?


Tucked away inside the bow wrapped tissue paper were these products-


I have been anxiously waiting to blog about these products, but wanted to try them out first. I have tested all but one.


1. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift


I am not much into perfumes, but I shockingly enjoyed this one. The smell of flowers tends to send my nose into sneezing fits, but Wonderstruck has a slight floral fragrance with stronger fruit smells. Something about it reminded me of cotton candy. :) (It also made me hungry.)

2. Willa Start Fresh Face Foam


I used this wash with both my Clarisonic and without it. The scent is kind of a watermelony/cucumber scent so it is quite refreshing. I like that the foam lathers really well so you get that extra-clean good feeling. I especially like that the product is a natural cleanser.

Both with and without the Clarisonic, it cleansed really well and removed all traces of makeup.

Once I am out of my current cleanser, I will be switching to this face wash!

3. Kahini Facial Lotion


I am a big fan of Aragan Oil and its nourishing capabilities. This is the same oil used in my favorite hair products – Moroccanoil.

My go-to face moisturizer is the Bare Escentuals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer so I wanted to see the difference between the two.

First, because of the oil properties of the lotion, you do not need to use a lot. The first time I used it, I layered it up as I do with my normal moisturizer. Well, although I like how smoothly it went on, I looked like I was ready to be fried and served. My face was left super oily.

The next time around, I used it sparingly and had a much better result. I love how it leaves a smooth complexion and left me with a natural glow. I *almost* had the guts to leave the house without makeup…almost.

This product is a candidate for making into my daily product rotation as well!

4. Kahini Giving Beauty Argan Oil


I have not yet tried this product, but considering it is 100% organic Argan oil, I am sure it will deliver. It can be used on the face, hair, body and hands to treat dryness and skin conditions. I am sure I will be using this product very soon….once I figure out where to use it on. Hmm…maybe on cracked heels because no one enjoys looking at that!

5. Alima Pure Organic Nourishing Lip Balm


This has been my every day product from the April Box. This organic tinted lip balm has a nice peppermint scent to it. The peppermint oil also leaves a tingly cool feeling on my lips.

I like how it leaves my lips hydrated without feeling greasy or thick.

It has a subtle hint of color – Rhubarb shade. I like to wear it under my lipstick or alone.


If you want to check these products out for yourself or subscribe to the monthly boxes, visit the Birchbox website. 

My May box is scheduled to come in this week and I can’t wait to try out these products (nail polish is included…YAY!!!!!).


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