Monday, April 9, 2012

Dining Chair Makeover–Easy Peasy Reupholstering

Our dining chairs were getting pretty filthy (thanks to my boys, Thing One and Thing 2). Pretty much everything from noodles to apple juice and chocolate milk has made its way to these chairs. I have been wanting to reupholster the cushions for quite some time, but would either forget or just get lazy.

One day, I came across Fashion Fabrics in Chula Vista. I found some fabric that was on sale for $1.50/yd so I figured it was worth a shot to try this whole reupholstering thing. If it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be out of too much money since it was only $2.25+tax for 1.5 yards of fabric. SCORE!

The chairs needed some more cushioning so I purchased 2 yards of 1.5” foam from Joann’s Fabrics. To save money, I used a 50% off coupon. The foam is about $16.99/yd so it was cost effective to use the coupon.

Here are the chairs in all their stained glory. Gross, right?


I started by removing the seat from the chair. You can choose to remove the existing fabric and cushion or be lazy like me and just cover it all up with the new stuff.

The next step is to outline the seat on your foam. I used a sharpie to do this.





Once the foam was cut, I laid it out on the fabric and made sure there was enough allowance around the foam to allow me to wrap the fabric around the seat. There was about 3”  or more of extra fabric around each cushion.



Next the fun part – you get to play with a staple gun!

Lay the foam on top of the fabric and put the seat on top of that.


Pull the fabric tightly over the cushion and seat and start stapling about every inch. Don’t worry about the corners just yet. It will be easier to take care of them once you have finished securing all the sides.

Once you have finished your first side, then work on the side opposite of the side you just finished working on. Be sure to pull on the fabric tightly before stapling it down.


The corners were tricky so I did more of a pleat. I tucked the corners so there would be a pleat on each side of the corner. Be sure to use extra staples on the corners so it doesn’t pull up.


Once you are done stapling the fabric on, attach it to your chair.

Voila! The chair looks new again!


It is amazing what a little touch of color can do. I love the look of the new chair vice the old simple color one.


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