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Sweetie Pea Creations–Product Review, Special and Giveaway!

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A few months ago, my dear friend Marilyn Barker and her daughter, Jessica began a new business adventure spreading the word about The Salt Project.

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Over breakfast, she passionately introduced me to the products. Always willing to try something new, I purchased a small Scrub in a Tub and Body Oil. The hardest part was choosing from their array of scents.


I’m a fruity-scented kind of gal so I went with Summer Melon (though Mango Tan is my new favorite!).

That night, I used the products for the first time. I liked that both the scrub and the oil provided a lasting, but not over-powering scent (I always have this fear that everything scented will smell like Drakkar. If you went to high school in the 90s, I’m sure you feel the same way.) The scrub can be used daily in place of soap. What I really like about the scrub is that it leaves a moisturized feeling even after rinsing the salt scrub off and that it exfoliates as you use it. The Mediterranean Olive Oil and Vitamin E keep your skin feeling soft. One warning, if you are a little clumsy like me, careful while in the shower. The oils can leave the shower floor slippery if not rinsed off completely. :)

The Body Oil Rub is as equally awesome as the scrub. The aromatic scent lasts for 8 hours. Yes, you heard me right – 8 HOURS. No joke. Even after a full day of running around town, at the end of the day I still have the slight fragrance from the Body Oil Rub. I naturally have dry skin. I have used Aveeno for years, but find that I needed to replenish at least some point during the day so I don’t give off that oh-so-unattractive ashy look. With the Body Oil, I find that I don’t need to replenish. My skin stays hydrated throughout the day. SCORE!  Now, I use the body oil daily after showering instead of lotion. A friend also uses a little bit in her hair to add a little bit of shine. :)

Although I love the products for their fragrance and moisturizing abilities, I have to admit that what I didn’t expect out of them was the healing factor.  I have been prone to eczema pretty much throughout my adult life. I have had a patch of dry skin on my leg for years (since my son was born almost 9 years ago). I have used over the counter creams and prescribed ointments throughout the years and NOTHING ever helped to rid me of the yucky dry patch of skin.

On the SECOND day of using the products, I happen to look down at my leg and lo and behold, that baby was GONE! No joke! After only 2 days of using these products, it healed a patch of dry skin that found its home on my leg for eight years.

I shared this result with my mom and she asked me to buy her a small size of the Body Oil and Bath Scrub as well so she could try it. She has diabetes and because of it had skin problems on her feet. It left her feet looking rashed and bruised.

Within a few days, she had the same healing results. YEARS of prescription ointments and medications could not do what a few days of the scrub and oil combination did to her feet. Her feet no longer looked bruised and were back to a normal flesh color. AH-MAZING! That made us both believers of these products.

I am excited to introduce these products to you and offer ONE random reader a chance to try the Body Scrub in my favorite scent, Mango Tan,  for themselves!


Mango Tan is a Pina Colada-ish scent featuring a harmonious blend of pineapple, mango and coconut. (Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible if you are hungry or craving a Pina Colada in hand while standing on the beaches of Hawaii after trying this scent.)

Here are the details to enter:

  • Entries must be received by Friday, April 20th. Winner will be announced on Monday, April 23rd.
  • Leave a comment on this post (not on the blog) about what your favorite scent from those listed above would likely be
  • Extra entries can be earned by doing the following tasks. Please leave a separate comment identifying which tasks you have done.

To introduce you to the amazing products, Sweetie Pea Creations is offering the following introductory special to first time customers. This offer ends April 30th so contact Marilyn soon to take advantage of this great deal!



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  1. Already liked sweetie peas page:)
    Mango Tan is the BEST!!!

  2. WOW! I may have to really check her out. It may help my Ms. Em and Big D with their skin!
    Summer Melon would be my pick! Thanks a ton!

  3. Great article!! I want to try this out for sure!!