Monday, June 18, 2012

Completed Sewing Project–Summer Shirt

I have a goal and I am slowly attaining it – to be able to sew without using a pattern.

This is my first attempt at making a shirt without a purchased pattern. There were a couple of flaws, but you’ll see how I fixed them up. ;)

I had purchased this fabric at a local Thrift Store for only $1! I never thought of buying fabric at a thrift store. Well, mostly because I had never seen fabric at a thrift store. ;) I scored this fabric, an entire bolt (for only $14) and more fabric for $1.

I started by folding the fabric in at both sides.

Patternless Sewing - Shirt1

I found a shirt that fit the style of what I wanted and used it as a pattern by folding it in half then laying it on the fold of the fabric. I then repeated this on the other half of the fabric.

Patternless Sewing - Shirt2

Here is the cut out fabric.

Patternless Sewing - Shirt3

I then measured the neck opening and pinned from that point to the edge of the fabric. Be sure to leave enough space to fit your head.

Patternless Sewing - Shirt4

Patternless Sewing - Shirt5

In the event you already sewed the shoulder parts of the shirt and your head DID NOT fit through the hole, improvise! (Note to self – actually MEASURE my head and not guestimate before creating a neckline!)

Instead of taking the seams out and resewing, I decided to make the shirt a v-neck shirt.

I found the center neckline then cut a few inches down to make the V. From that point, I found the edge of the shoulder seam and drew a cutting line.

Patternless Sewing - Shirt6Patternless Sewing - Shirt7

Mistake #2 – my sewing was a little off on the V of the neck so I improvised with that, too…

Patternless Sewing - Shirt8

I purchased some coordinating shabby flowers and….

Patternless Sewing - Shirt9


Patternless Sewing - Shirt10


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