Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Question Friday

Happy Friday! The boys and I are on vacation and spending it with family in Northern California as we prepare for my niece's first birthday!

It is time for Five Question Friday. Join us! :)

1. What's your favorite childhood snack that you still eat as an adult?
I am not much of a snacked, but if I do occasionally snack, I enjoy Chicken in a Biskit.

2. What food will you not eat the low fat version of?
I enjoy Italian food and I love it with all the gooey cheese! I don't think it would be the same without allllllll the cheese.

3. What's your favorite way to cool off during the summer?
Simple - air conditioning! :)

4. What's your favorite summer read?
I enjoy Nicholas Sparks love stories on a cool summer night.

5. What are you doing to stay cool in this awful heat?
The heat hadn't quite hit San Diego yet so I have been enjoying the nice breeze. Northern California has been fairly mild, too, so I am not melting in the heat yet.

Have a great weekend!!!

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