Monday, June 11, 2012

Eastlake Food Truck Gathering

A few of weeks ago, my husband, boys and I headed out to one of our new favorite things - the Eastlake Food Truck Gathering.
It happened to be the night of the American Idol finale so it was packed with people.
Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Chula Vista
The first time we went, we weren’t prepared, but this time, we brought camping chairs and a little table. The boys were ready to get their grub on. ;)
Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Chula Vista2
My husband and I enjoyed good eats from the Tabe BBQ truck.
He had the Tabe Asada Fries with Korean BBQ Beef…
Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Chula Vista4
…While I enjoyed Korean BBQ Beef Tacos. Both of these dishes were super yummy, but what really made them was a sauce that they have available. I don’t even know how to describe it other than it was slap-my-butt-no-way good!
My older son’s favorite food truck is Devilicious. They were on the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network.
He put his two favorite things together – hot dogs and bacon. Before I even sat down to eat, he finished it up!!!
Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Chula Vista5
My little dude isn’t quite into food appreciation yet so he went with his good ol’ standby of chicken strips and french fries. No picture needed. ;)
We finished off our meal with a stop at Sweet Treats.
Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Chula Vista6
We shared a Peanut Butter brownie that was delicious. It was too rich for me, but my older son finished it off like it was nothing! :)
Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Chula Vista7
I hate to say it, but the Red Velvet was nothing to write home about. It was a bit dry and lacked flavor. And I love me a good red velvet so I was a bit disappointed.
Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Chula Vista8Eastlake Food Truck Gathering Chula Vista9

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